The Brand

MŌLKINĪ is a brand that was born in the reefs of Maui. Our designs are a fusion of exotic colours and prints inspired by Maui’s reefs with effortless beach style and a splash of aloha. Our collections are designed to flatter and accentuate your natural beauty whilst empowering you to feel great and look amazing. Taking inspiration from nature, our designs are vibrant, effortless and timeless.

MŌLKINĪ is designed for the thrill seekers, the global wanderers, the rebels and the dreamers with sun kissed skin and a hipster spirit. Wear our collections on the beach, by the pool or catching some waves but stay beautiful and always live life in colour. We hope you enjoy wearing our designs as much as we have enjoyed wearing them.

The Designer

Imagined on a snorkel trip, London based founder and designer Rebecca Kinanen was captured by the catwalk of colours in the beautiful reefs of Maui and decided to take the plunge to follow her passion for fashion and love for the beach to create MŌLKINĪ.